Department Profile

Madhu Babu Kodela has 8 years of experience as a physical director in engineering college .He is a sincere and dedicated person in terms of sports and games where he shows exemplary to students in performing his duties. His supportiveness is visibility seen interacting with students and in conduction of sports. He always has a great vision in developing and encouraging sports culture among students. He is one of the members in university selection committee. He conducted many sports camps in and around west Godavari District. He represented West Godavari District foot ball team for about 5 years (2000-2005).He also published national and International paper Presentations. Active participant in all the workshops.

Aim of the Department

  • To Full Fill The Needs Of Society And To Meet Global Requirements In The Field Of Civil Engineering Areas By Introducing Innovative Technologies.
  • To Improve Academic Performance Of Students Using Latest And Creative Methods Of Learning Have To Be Introduced.
  • To Motivate The Students To Participate In Conferences ,Seminars, Project Expos And Work Shops.

Head of the Department

K.Madhu Babu



Mrs K.Sri Durga is presently working as an Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Management Studies at Ramachandra College of Engineering, Eluru and served various prestigious institutions and service industries for 9 years. Also she is pursuing part time PhD in KL University, Vijayawada. She participated in 6 workshops & 10 FDP programs. She participated in 2 National and 1 International conferences and published in journals with ISBN & ISSN numbers. She has taught 9 subjects in Management and Engineering streams. Besides she worked as accountant in reputed organization. She has guided and trained more than 70 MBA students in their project work, interview preparation techniques and soft skills. She is a versatile educator, Researcher, Trainer, Sports-person and Academic Administrator in the area of Business Management.


To emerge as a “centre for excellence” offering managerial skills, innovative research implementations in management studies to the student, so as to strive for excellence with ethical and human values, who in turn shall contribute to the advancement of society and humankind. mission_image.


To mould a new generation of excellent management professionals by providing quality management training. Providing state-of-art facilities to the individuals who would be able to lead and work innovatively in a dynamic and competitive world. Strong focus on professionalism and life skills .Highly successful alumni, who contribute to the profession in the world of corporate, as well contribute, empower and impart knowledge and experience to existing students.


PEO 1: Be in a position to apply analysis, design, optimize and implement knowledge & skills obtained in order to formulate and manage various managerial situations in a multidisciplinary environment.
PEO 2: Be in an ideal position to take up higher studies, research & development and other creative and progressive efforts in the area of Management studies.
PEO 3: Be in a position to use the knowledge gained and skills acquired in ethical & professional manner to raise the satisfaction level of stake holders.
PEO 4: Be with an attitude to engage in life-long learning and professional development to adapt to rapidly changing work environmen
PEO 5: Be with an open mind towards personal, professional and societal growth by taking and/ or creating opportunities

PSO 1 : Identify opportunities available and study the challenges in the national and global business environment to adapt accordingly./td>
PSO 2 : Introduce and improvise the ability to apply project management techniques to electrical and electronics systems.
PSO 3 : Identify opportunities available and study the challenges in the national and global business environment to adapt accordingly
PSO 4 : Continue learning; carry out research in management studies.
PSO 5 : Practice Peer Management skills and to become a contributing executive of the competitive corporate world.
PSO 6 : Function as Ethical, conscious and socially responsible managers, capable of contributing to the development of the society & environment.